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Journal E-Preservation Service


We are working with publishers to preserve a rapidly increasing number of traditional and e-journals through our E-Preservation Service. This service operates on a community model, through which publishers help to defray the ongoing costs of operating the archive, including the IT infrastructure set up to ingest, archive, and migrate the content committed to the archive. Unlike other Digital Preservation Services, which provide restricted access to only participating libraries (Dark Archive), our Digital Preservation Service provide unrestricted free access to everyone having internet access (White Archive).


Critical Access 

Journal Repository (JR) provides critical access to everybody even when specific conditions or “trigger events” occur, which cause journal titles to no longer be available from the publisher or any other source:

When a publisher ceases operations and titles are no longer available from any other source
When a publisher ceases to publish and offer a title, and it is not offered by another publisher or entity
When back issues are removed from a publisher’s offering and are not available elsewhere
Upon catastrophic failure by a publisher’s delivery platform for a sustained period of time


The Clientele

List of journals using our service